Sunday, 2 December 2012

Winter Meeting Predictions

So i've seen a number of predictions from industry insiders and experts of things that may happen at this week's Winter Meetings.  So i'm going to offer my Top 5 completely unresearched, unprobable predictions of things to happen at this week's MLB winter meetings...

1. Josh Hamilton will stay in the state of Texas and sign with the Huston Astros.   Could you imagine?

2. The New York Yankees will be involved in 12 player trade of there own with the Miami Marlins, but will only end up acquiring beach front property.

3. The Boston Red Sox will sign all of Cody Ross, Mike Mapoli and Nick Swisher, and the rest of the league will throw a cocktail party to celebrate the Red Sox throwing in the towel so early for the next 3 years.

4. RA Dickey will be traded to the Washington Nationals for the rights to Montreal Expo mascot Youpie.  He's Hilarious

5. Toronto Blue Jays fans will get overly excited about multiple reports that anyone of they're players are mentioned as possible trade pieces in a deal that would have them acquiring another starting pitcher.

Book it!  They are all pretty much all done already!

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