Monday, 8 April 2013

The Sky is Falling! Toronto Blue Jays Fair Weather Fan Edition

Well I thought I should jump on the "We're 6 games in and our season is over" bandwagon and provide a POV on the first week of the 2013 Blue Jays season.

So we are 6 games in and the Jays are 2-4.  If you talk to some you'd think that the season was over and almost every move made this off-season was for not!  If you talk to others (one's with half a mind in their head) we are 6 games into a 160 game schedule and although the team hasn't looked great, there is still lots of time left.

Unfortunately right now in Jays nation there seems to be alot more of the "Sky is Falling" fans around , but let's be honest should we really be surprised by the over reaction of the fair weather Blue Jays fans?  I don't think so.....and here's why.

How many young baseball fans do you know these days?  I'm not talking 5 - 12 years olds, i'm talking about the 18 - 25 year old kids?  Me.... not many!  In an age when soccer and year round hockey have taken over in the summer Sport landscape in Canada, coupled with almost 20 years of non playoff baseball in Toronto, today's vocal new Jays Fans don't really understand baseball.  We have a lot of new Jays fans who became attracted to the team because of the noise it made in the off-season.

Let's face it Baseball is no longer as popular as it used to be in Canada.  Kids are not playing baseball here like the use to. I don't know about you, but when I was a kid Summer meant baseball season.  Almost every kid played Baseball and it's just not like that anymore. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but there's just so many more options for kids these days and without that grass roots knowledge of the game you're going to get a lot of people at games/on social media that don't really know what the hell is going on over the course of a 162 game schedule. 

RA Dickey said it pretty well after yesterday's debacle at the hands of the Boston Red Sox.

"I think real fans understand that it is indeed a marathon. We certainly aren’t leading the marathon at this point, but we have a lot of mileage to go"
Given..I'm not ecstatic with the way that the season has gone so far. Actually I have a few concerns, but.....I know there's a long way to go until October and the World Series isn't won in April.
So what have we been focusing on so far? a struggling Dickey, Encarnacion & Cabrera, a weak bench, an overworked bullpen, a hurt Lawrie and Bautista. Yeah some things to worry about....but this is go through slumps, guys get off to slow starts, guys get hurt, pens get overworked. It's the nature of the game, and in that same nature.. things overtime tend to even themselves out. 
Let's also not forget that we have things to be excited about! Reyes has been everything we thought he could be, Cecil & Delabar have looked great out of the pen, Arencibia is swinging a hot bat, and minus the debacle on Sunday we haven't really been out of any game. So please fair weather Blue Jays fans please remember that Baseball is not Hockey, we have lots of season left. 

Don't let 6 games ruin the excitement we had for the season.  Go Jays Go!

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