Friday, 30 October 2015

5 Thoughts on the Toronto Blue Jays - Alex Anthopoulos HE GONE!

Today started out with a simple text from a buddy of mine that read simply..."Fuck"  Which was quickly followed up with "That sucks"  Needless to say they immediately peak my curiosity and prompted me to check twitter to learn the hard truth of something Jays fans may have secretly been fearing! Alex Anthopoulos was not going to be back as the General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays in 2016 and beyond!

5 thoughts on the situation with Alex Anthopoulos and him not being the Jays GM!  Here we go! 

1. Kinda weird to start out this with talking about Mark Shaprio given that the post is about AA and him no being the GM any longer, but I don't hold Mark Shapiro responsible for this playing out the way it did.  Shaprio was hired by Roger's Communication to run the Toronto Blue Jays organization and he was given autonomy by his bosses to run that organization the way he sees fit.  If that means that he wants to have say in how the Baseball operations play out or the overall philosophy is  that is up to him to decide. 

2. I know!  I'm looking to far ahead, but Who's gonna take over as GM of this team?  I think it is safe to say that Shapiro is going to be the ultimate decision maker, but he's still going to need a Foot Solider who is going to do all the day to day workings of a GM.  It is safe to say that i'm sure we will see someone come in who has ties to the Cleveland Indians Organization.  Interestingly enough Tony LaCava one of the current AGM's for AA worked for the Indians before he came to the Blue Jays.  It would definitely be nice to have some type of holdover an organization that could look very different when pitchers and catchers report in February. 

3. Say what you will about AA through all of this, but you have to have mad respect for a guy who stands by his convictions and won't be bullied into taking a roll in the organization that he is bigger than.  Without it being written in his contract I think AA pretty much had full autonomy over the Baseball operations as it stood under the Beeston regime and he simply knew that it wasn't going to be that way with Shapiro and he made a decision that he knew he could live with.

4. So there's the rumor out there that in Shapiro and AA's first meeting Shaprio scolded AA and his team for the trading of almost all of their prospects at the trade deadline!  I didn't think it was true at 1st, but the more and more I thinkt of it I don't really doubt it happened.  I know if I was Shapiro I would be pissed if the Farm system I was inheriting was gutted just before I got there.  Scolded may be a harsh word to describe the encounter, but i'm sure it may have actually happened.

5. One thing I've been trying to wrap my head around is why would Roger's allow Beeston/AA with a sub .500 team to make all those trades at the deadline if they were planning on hiring a new President with the intent of overhauling the entire Baseball operations?  Surely they must have played it out in their heads that if the Team did in fact make the playoffs it could lead to some issues down the road.

Well I think it's pretty safe to say that this off season is going to be a pretty exciting one!  I'm really looking forward to Mark Shapiro's 1st press conference at the President of the Blue Jays.  Hopefully it provides some insight on where the organization is headed. 

Let's remember the good times!

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