Friday, 19 July 2013

Toronto Blue Jays 2013 Draft

In the past I have always found ways to really get into the first year entry draft.  I find it the most interesting of all the drafts and I may be the only one in the world that actually thinks that way.

What I like about the draft is that only it's the only one that I don't find that the players don't consider themselves superstars already. There is a good chance that I don't have any chance at predicting who the Blue Jays or anyone else for that matter (Except for the 1st 4 or 5 picks) is going to end up taking.  From there I always find it fun to read up on the guys that the Jays ended up taking.

All that being said I did not get the chance to really get into the draft this year. I saw the list of who the Jays picked and it was pretty much on par for what the current Blue Jays draft strategy has been for the past few years.  Young Big Arms that have a lot of potential near the top of the draft then some guys that they can save some slot $$ in the 5 - 10 rounds and then some guys who are labeled as tough signs sprinkled all over.

A listing of the Toronto Blue Jays's 2013 draft picks
NamePosB/THtWtDOBRoundPick #Signed
Phillip BickfordRHPR / R6' 4"20007/10/1995110Unsigned
Clinton HollonRHPR / R6' 1"19512/24/199424707/06/2013
Patrick MurphyRHPR / R6' 4"19506/10/199538306/13/2013
Evan SmithLHPR / L6' 5"19008/17/1995411506/13/2013
Daniel LietzLHPL / L6' 2"20006/01/1994514506/13/2013
Matt BoydLHPL / L6' 3"21502/02/1991617507/11/2013
Conner GreeneRHPR / R6' 3"16504/04/1995720506/13/2013
Kendall GravemanRHPR / R6' 2"18512/21/1990823507/09/2013
Chad GirodoLHPL / L6' 1"19502/06/1991926507/09/2013
Garrett CustonsCR / R5' 11"20009/14/19901029506/13/2013
Jacob BrentzLHPL / L6' 2"17509/14/19941132507/12/2013
Tim MayzaLHPL / L6' 3"20501/15/19921235506/13/2013
Tim LocastroSSR / R6' 1"17507/14/19921338506/13/2013
L.B. Dantzler1BL / R5' 11"20005/22/19911441506/20/2013
Jonathan DavisOFR / R5' 8"18805/12/19921544506/13/2013
Dan JansenCR / R6' 2"21504/15/19951647506/13/2013
Eric LauerLHPR / L6' 3"19006/03/199517505Unsigned
Sean RatcliffeRHPL / R6' 4"20004/11/19951853506/23/2013
Christian VazquezSSS / R5' 10"17009/11/19891956506/20/2013
Chaz FrankOFL / L5' 10"17010/18/19902059507/01/2013
Michael ReevesCL / R6' 2"19509/16/19902162506/13/2013
Sam TewesRHPR / R6' 5"20002/06/199522655Unsigned
Brenden KalfusOFS / R6' 0"19008/22/19912368506/13/2013
Sean HurleyOFR / R6' 4"23405/05/19922471506/13/2013
Scott SilversteinLHPL / L6' 5"25005/27/19902574506/18/2013
Tanner CableRHPR / R6' 5"21010/08/199326775Unsigned
Andrew FloridesSSR / R6' 1"17001/22/19952780506/13/2013
Matt DermodyLHPR / L6' 5"19007/04/19902883506/23/2013
Garrett PickensRHPR / R6' 1"18504/17/19902986506/13/2013
Rowdy Tellez1BL / L6' 4"22003/16/19953089507/12/2013
Brison Celek1BR / R6' 0"22501/27/199131925Unsigned
Josh SawyerLHPR / L6' 3"18010/24/199432955Unsigned
Edgar CabralCR / R5' 11"19009/12/199533985Unsigned
Dane DunningRHPR / R6' 3"19012/20/1994341015Unsigned
Akoni ArriagaRHPR / R6' 1"17506/01/1995351045Unsigned
David HarrisSSR / R6' 1"19008/10/199136107506/13/2013
Brett BarberRHPR / R6' 1"18011/01/199037110506/13/2013
Jon NunnallyOFR / R6' 1"18007/24/1995381135Unsigned
Zachary LevinsonSSL / R5' 8"16009/03/1995391165Unsigned
Antonio Ruiz1BR / R6' 3"21506/03/1995401195Unsigned

So where did this year's draft leave the Jays after the signing period? Well we signed all of our 1st 10 round except for Phil Bickford our 1st round pick.  Since we don't technically loose the pick since we end up with the 11th overall pick in next year's draft it can't really be seen as a failure unless they can't sign the pick next year. (I'm not sure if it's something to be concerned over, but not being able to sing two of your last four 1st rounders may end up being a bit telling about your scouting team)

Although I am pretty dissapointed that we were not able to sign Bickford, we will now have two 1st round picks in 2014, which is supposed to be a much deeper draft than the 2013 class.  In addition to this we may actually end up with three 1st round picks.  If they Jays tender Josh Johnson a qualifying offer and he chooses not to take it we end up with that another 1st.  So we could end up with a total of three 1st round picks in a much deeper draft.  If you ask me this is something that AA could be very excited over.

The Jays were able to sign 2 of their "Tough" signs in Tellez and Brentz at the same time so we may end up with a couple diamond in the roughs at the same vain.   So all in all it may end up looking like a good 2013 draft by default based on what can be available in 2014.

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