Monday, 8 July 2013

It may have taken me four months, but here are some thoughts for a Blue Jays Blog Post!

So it's only taken me four months, but i'm finally able to find some time to write another post!  In between bottle feedings, running a kid to soccer practice, work, romancing the wife, home reno's, two baseball leagues & utter coolness, I've still been able to follow along with this turbulent year that has been our 2013 Toronto Blue Jays season.

Now to just start writing a piece on something currently topical would be too stressful, so i'm just going to throw out some thoughts on a bunch of things that have happened this year.

- Anyone who thinks John Gibbons should be fired is dumb!  Not much else to say there.

- My biggest disappointment has been Emilio Bonifacio....I had such high hopes for him...Given his defense has been much better, but the guy couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat.

- Delabar deserves to go to the All-Star Game!  Him and Cecil have been great!  I would go so far to say Delabar deserves to go to the game above Bautista. The video doesn't have anything to do with Delabar's season, but it's pretty neat to watch.

**If they Jays end up sending 4 guys to the All-Star game what does that say about this so far sub par team?

- The worst possible thing that this year could be remembered for is going to be Kawasaki.  I guess it's nice to have a fell good story, but for real if this is what we remember this year for then it just shows how disappointing this season really is.

- I wonder what the final # of starting pitchers that the Blue Jays will use this year will be?  I'm going to go 17.  That isn't a good thing....

- Have we even missed Brett Lawrie?  I can't believe how this guy has soured to not only the media but with the fan base.....I follow this guy on twitter and if I didn't know any better I would assume his account was run by a 15 year old high school kid.

- Remember JA Happ getting hit in the head?  That was crazy....Hope he can get back to the big club quickly.

- I wonder how different this year could have looked if both Drabek and Hutchison didn't get hurt and need Tommy John Surgery?  Would they have made the deal with the Marlins?  If they did would they have been able to stabilize the rotation through all these injuries?

-  Did Arencibia really call our Zaun and Hayhurst?  Yeah he did...It was great to listen to for sure, but in the end I find it more funny than anything.....Sure the media is going to get it's back up and call him a moron, did we really expect anything else?  I mean he pretty much just told them they suck.  Did he say some bonehead things? Yep, but the TO media/fans forgot pretty fast as soon as Free Agent season starting in the NHL.

- Doesn't it seem like every two weeks we talk again and again how Jose Bautista has to stop arguing with Umps? Boring....Next topic.

- Name three things faster than Melky Cabrera............yeah I couldn't either.

- Oh I went to a game in Buffalo!  That was fun...Really cool place to see a game.  Here`s another thing about Buffalo, that Center Fielder down there isn't that good.

- Who could be traded by seasons end?  Davis, Oliver, Derosa, Cabrera, Johnson & Bonifacio.  That is all.

- I thought we picked up Tim Raines to be a base running coach?  hmmmmmm Reyes and Lawire both hurt in base-running plays weird.

- I don't think i've said this aloud lately, but it is a god damn travesty that John Farrell could very well make it to the playoffs this year.  Why do the baseball gods torment me this way?

- Better Trade... Steve Delabar for Eric Thames or Brett Wallace for Anthony Gose?   Delabar trade?

Ok so that's enough for now!  Thanks for your time and hopefully I can post again soon.

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