Monday, 8 July 2013

#raisethebar - Steve Delabar! Get this man to the All-Star Game

I'm not one to jump on bandwagons, as a matter of fact my wife constantly tells me if anything I choose the opposite POV from most just so I can create a debate, but in the case of getting Steve Delabar to the All-Stat game I am all in on the love fest!

It's hard not to get behind a great human interest story and  I'm not going to re-count the whole thing, (You can read it here or watch the ESPN Video here ) but it is pretty great to think about where he has come from and where he is now!

His #'s have been amazing for the first half of the season and there's no disputing that he's been one of the most effective relief pitchers in all of the majors this year, which makes the whole getting Delabar to the All-Star game more than just a publicity push! He really does deserve it, and if he can get there in a position that rarely gets All-Star recognition would be that much sweeter.

You still have some time to get your vote in for Delabar and if you want you can do so here....

Hopefully next week we're able to see Steve represent the Toronto Blue Jays at the 2013 Major League All-Star game.

*Side note....for the purpose of getting guys to the All-Star game how great it is that Roger's is a Communications company.  They really can put the full court press on when they want to get in touch with the Canadian Fans.

** Side note # 2.  For all those John Gibbons haters out there, having 2 relief pitchers (Not Closers) from your staff go to the all-star game is a pretty good indication that the Jays have a pretty good Manager on their hands. 

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