Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Toronto Blue Jays Round Up - Quick Hits and Misses

The Jays have headed out on a 10 game road trip after a utterly horrible 10 game home stand to lead off the unofficial 2nd half of the baseball season.  This road trip sees them take on the Athletics from Oakland, the LA Angels and the Seattle Mariners.  Should be another run of increasingly frustrating games, but that doesn't mean there's not stuff to talk about!

 - The Trade Deadline is Wednesday at 4:00pm!  What can we expect from the Jays? I don't think we should expect much. Maybe a few minor moves here or there, but I think this team is going to look fairly similar next April.  Maybe Janssen, Oliver & Davis will get shipped out.  Nothing that should kill the team going forward. Oh yeah and if it's not obvious I don't think JJ is moving anywhere.

-  Is Buck Martinez the worse play by play announce in Jays history?  I thought so but I started to do some research on old announcers and I found one who I wouldn't listen to unless I was forced to.  Worse ever!  Rod Black.....Stick to figure skating Rob.  Let me say this...I don't not like Buck.  I just think he was much better as a Color Commentator.

 - Edwin Encarnacion won AL player of the week today!  Well that's good, he put up a great week and became only the 2nd player in Jays history to hit two home runs in one inning.

 - Jose Bautista was thrown out of the game on Sunday against the Astro's for arguing balls and strikes.  This was the 4th time this year that he's been thrown out the game.  I was glad to hear Joey Bats talk about his temper after the game, but he really has to get a handle on his emotions as you can see it start to leak into younger players attitudes on the ball club.

- Rajai Davis stole 5 bases on Saturday. becoming the 4th Jay to steal 4 bases in a game.  I would have to think Davis would fit in great with a team looking to make the playoffs.  I mean who doesn't need a pinch hitter who can pretty much take 2 bags at any time?

 - Both Drew Hutchison and Kyle Drabek are well into their re-hab assignments and have been very impressive so far.  I'm still left to wonder where these two guys will fit into the rotation for 2014.  Could this year have been saved if we had these two guys in the minor's when our pitch went to the shitter?  Would we even have made any trades for starting pitching if they both didn't get hurt?

- I'm not sure what I'm going to think of this team in 2014 if they tell me that Macier Izturis is our everyday 2nd baseman.

 - How far are we really away from real grass in the Dome?  I don't think it's going to happen even in 5 years.  I would like to think Beeston is telling us the truth, but I can't see the team walking away from all the extra revenue that comes with having a multi purpose stadium.


 - What I've heard is that the renovation on Windows restaurant (Which has been a huge success) is a 3 year process.  I wonder what surprises they have for us in year two and three?

 - Anyone else remember what AA said about International signings after we lost out on Chapman?  Yeah me too.  Glad to see Gonzalez end up in Philly.

 - I was happy to hear that JP quit twitter last week.  I really don't know why any professional athlete would ever want to be on twitter.  Sure these guys are trying to build their brand and make themselves a niche in their market, but there are just too many dumb internet tough guys who think what they have to say is actually worth while.  I hope him moving on from the SM outlet allows him to concentrate more on the team and his personal performance.

- Can you really say that Buehrle's been a disappointment?  I don't think so.  I wasn't expecting the Mark Buehrle from 2005 by any means, but he's had his bad and good games and has been the one guy we've been able to count on more than anyone else.  He is a work horse.  Plain and simple

- I don't know why I get so worked up with people saying that Gibbons should be hired, but it just gets my blood boiling.  Yes I get that the team is not playing well and that most of the time the Manager is the one to blame, but I just wished that people would actually look at what's going on in game rather than just going with the lazy excuse of firing the manager as a way to solve all problems.  If they did, they would notice that the team is just bad right now and the issue's are mainly from the starting pitchers.  It's not like Gibby can tell the pitcher to throw more strikes or the hitters to hit the ball better, those things are up to the players, Gibbons job is then to manage the in-game match ups and put the line-ups together, and he does that very well.

 - That being said I do believe the team has a cultural issue that needs to be fixed.  We need more consistency in the minors and the organization to ensure that we have the message to be the same no matter if we have players in the minors or the majors.  I didn't think it was going to be an issue at the start of the year, but bringing in a bunch of new players to team looks to have effected the team in the long run.  Hopefully over the next 3 year the Jays can use this time to replenish the minors and build a culture of winning.  We need players to come to Toronto and understand that they will need to play Toronto Blue Jays Baseball.

That's enough for now.  Enjoy the late games on the West Coast.

Go Jays Go!

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