Monday, 26 October 2015

5 Thoughts on the Toronto Blue Jays - Off Season Edition

Ok, So I'm only really getting this down on screen right now so I can get it done before Alex Anthopoulos's end of year press conference which is scheduled for Monday morning at 10am.

Anyway here are my 5 thoughts that are going to come about for the Toronto Blue Jays in the offseason ahead of us!

1. The Toronto Blue Jays won't resign Alex Anthopoulos?   If you would have asked me 2 months ago is the Blue Jays would resign Anthopoulos I would have said most definitely.  Now I don't think they do!  If you have ever been through a situation where a new Boss comes into a work environment then you probably know that most of the time the new boss wants to put their own stamp on things and I think that with Shapiro coming into the organization it's going to lead to a complicated situation between him and AA that I think both parties may just deem it easier to part ways then trying to make things work in something that may be too complicated for both to work through.

2.  The Roger's Centre is going to be a much different place next year!  I think we are going to see a big step forward in renovations at the RC next year.  All signs are pointing to a renewed experience at the Dome and that should only mean good things for the fans!

3.  Pitching will be the focus in FA!  Regardless of who is putting this team together you have to know that 100% of the off season on the player personnel side of things will be spent on pitching!  BULLPEN BEITH THEY SAVIOUR

4.  Roger's and the Blue Jays will take a hit from the Fans!  I can't help but think that Roger's will not spend a lot of money this off season and the true blue fans will let them know of it and it will be heard!

5.  We won't see any trades this off season! It's pretty easy to see that the Jays don't have much available to them in the way of currency in order to make any decent trades this off season outside unless they decide to trade one of their big bats, and I can't see them deciding to do that.  It would be much easier for them to simply spend some $$ and do any real big pick ups in the FA market.

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