Thursday, 13 December 2012

What a day in the MLB!

Well it was only a matter of time before Josh Hamilton signed with a team, but not many people saw him signing with the Angels.  I'm indifferent on the deal.  It doesn't really kill the Jays chances I don't think, but i would have liked to see him go to the National League to limit the number of times he could possibly face the Jays.

Leading up to the off-season I tired to convince myself that if the Jays signed Josh Hamilton it would be a good move, but in the long run I didn't really think the Jays would ever be in the running.  You can't really blame me.  How good would the middle of the line-up look if it went. Bautista, Hamilton, Encarnacion.  Pretty Sick if you ask me.

The hated Red Sox signed Ryan Dempster (A Good Canadian Boy) to a two year deal.  I'm a little confused on this,  I mean I have to hate him cause he pitches for the Sox, but at the same time I have to hold off the hate as there is a good chance that Dempster is the ace of Team Canada when it comes time to start the World Baseball Classic.  I'm not overly concerned about this pick up be a division rival, sure his lifetime numbers are good, but within the division they are not great.  Keep signing these average guys Cherington,   It looks good on ya!

It looked like Anibal Sanchez was headed back to the NL for a second before it was quickly killed with Sanchez's Agent dismissing the report and saying they were still going over offers.  Here's hoping the Cubs come through and land the Free Agent and take him out of the AL.

Ichiro looks to be close to finishing the workings on a 2 year deal with the Yanks.  While Ichiro isin't the same player he was even 3 years ago,  he's still a great player to have who looks like more a 34 year old rather than someone who is 39.

All in all a pretty busy day with those deals and few other smaller ones!  Writer's at the winter meetings would have killed for a day like this!  With Hamilton and Greinke now off the market the rest of the FA should start to fall into place.   Should make the next few weeks pretty interesting....

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