Sunday, 2 December 2012

Best Baseball Video Game of All Time

There are countless Baseball Video games out there, and unfortunately I can't say that i've played them all, but I have played my fair share.

Baseball video games are typically the same in concept. You can't really change the concept of baseball I guess.  There was a time when Sega and Nintendo wouldn't even pay for the rights to use Major League Baseball player or team names.

Games nowadays are focused on making the playing experience as realistic as possible.  Games these day's  allow you to control everything down to the cost of Popcorn, the number of concession stands in your park, whether or not your team takes a bus or plane to games or you can even just play as a single player and take that player from the minor leagues all the way to the Majors.

These are all really cool games, however they all pale in comparison to a 1991 Video game that used Robots  as the players......Base Wars was a game unlike any other.  Concept was the still your traditional baseball, but fighting was a major part of the game.  Anytime there was a close play at a base, the two robots involved in the play were to fight each other with the winner ultimately deciding the outcome of the play....There were four different types of robots that you could use to build you team, each of which had different fighting abilities.  There was your typical cyborg robot who looked like a regular human, a robot who had a wheel instead of legs, a Tank and a Flybot.

Another very cool part of the game, which was actually way ahead of it's time, allowed you to accumulate points for each fight win that you had.   These points allowed you to buy upgrades to your robots...If you were good enough you eventually got all your robots equipped with guns.....Nothing was able to stop the guns! Over the course of the game if your robot lost several fights they would blow up and eliminated from the team.  If you eliminated enough of the opposing teams robots you would force them into a forfeit.

The game was awesome, always fun and it allowed you look forward to hitting into the 4, 6, 3 double play!

If you're able to find it on-line give it a try.  You won't be disappointed.

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