Saturday, 1 December 2012

What effect does Roger's owning the Jays have on it's TV Value

I've often wondered what the Blue Jays would get dollare wise from a Television network in these days of specialty sport stations if they were not owned by Rogers.  I recently saw a report that the Los Angels Dodgers were close to a deal that would pay them 6 Billion for the rights to they're games.

Seriously.....6 Billion.  That's amazing.   Now I don't think the Jays would get that type of $$$, but you have to think that with both TSN and Sportsnet who each have 2 stations that they have to worry about programming for along with the increased interest in the Blue Jays that the organization would be able to do pretty well in a TV deal.

I guess i'm pretty impressred by Roger's in the long run who were able to see what the possible value would be by owning the Jays.....When they bought them they must have known that the opporutnity was there for something big.  Owning the TV, Radio & On-line aspect of the Jays must be proving to be very profitable for them, especially since they dicided to invest over $150 into the team through one small deal.

My best guess....I think the Jays would be able to get a deal that would be close to something the along lines of what the Cubs or Rangers would be able to get,


Today I found this article regarding the Dodgers TV deal and how it would never really compare to the one that the Jays would have.

This article gave me a really good insight into how the whole deal works for the Jays, Rogers and the rest of MLB.

I guess the biggest question I have from this article is this.  Are you telling me that the $$ that Rogers gets from the TV revenue does not fall under a Blue Jays budget line?  It seems weird that the Blue Jays wouldn't see any of the TV money other than the $35 Million a year that Rogers pay the Jays.

From what ive been lead to believe this off season the Jays have the opportunity to go to the Rogers BOD and make request for additional $$$.  I would think this extra $$$ is ultimately coming from from the TV revenue.

Anyways.....What have I learned?  Rogers was damn smart for buying the Blue Jays and it only benefits them if the Jays are a winner, which is great for all us Fans!

Go Jays Go!

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