Monday, 10 December 2012

Rasmus VS Gose

As the winter months slowly go by we are left with questions to pose to ourselves on what could make the Toronto Blue Jays better! I think it's pretty obvious that If the Jays were to make a move through trade they would have to move some of the pieces that they have some decent depth in.

So that would leave probably 1 of 2 positions to move players from .  Either you move Arencibia/D'arnaud or Rasmus/Gose!  For the sake of this post i'm going to go over who I would keep in the Rasmus VS Gose debate.
Since the Jays made the acquisition of Colby Rasmus I have been a Fan and even tried to convince myself because he was hitting the ball hard at the start of the 2012 season he was going to be the Center Fielder of the future.  My excitement only grew when Colby was moved to the 2nd spot in the line-up and had an unreal stretch in June of last year, but then the rest of the season happend  and Colby was awful.  The more I watched Rasmus the more I questioned my original thoughts. Sure he was hitting the ball hard, and played a great defence, but it just looked like he missed some desire to achieve.  He looked like Andrea Bargnani out there!

What didn't help Rasmus's case as how Anthony Gose slowly improved over the course of playing time he was provided in 2012.  Given Gose was pretty bad in August, but his September numbers were considerably better and he finished with a pretty respectable line for the year. 

The age old adage is that speed doesn't go into slumps and given what we've seen from Ramsus over the year and a half he's been a Jay, the speed that Gose brings to the Team makes him my Center Fielder of the future.  The only problem is if Rasmus has any trade value left in him!

Gose for CF in 2013!

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