Monday, 24 December 2012

Sportsnet Replay of the 92 World Series

To my surprise Sportsnet announced this week that they will be playing the entire 92 World Series starting on Christmas day.

1st off I wanted to say a big "Thank You" to the NHL and the NHLPA for  allowing both Sportsnet and TSN to be void of almost all other sports programing that they have been forced to play old games on TV.  (TSN2 had Field of Dreams on tonight and I was finally able to have my wife sit through the entire movie and finally have her understand how great a movie it is)

I am truley excited to watch the series again, which i'm sure Sportsnet was prying on with all the recent  excitment surrounding the current Blue Jays.  This will give alot of new Jays fans the opportunity to  see what it was like to watch the Jays in the World Series, and the rest of us who were around a chance to reminise about how truley special that 92 Jays team was.

When I heard about the showing of the series I was reminded of all the moments that surrounded the series.  Alomar and Gruber both mocking Braves fans with their own Tomahawk Chops, The upside down Canadian Flag, Ed Srague's Game winning home run in game two, and finally being the first non american team to ever win the World Series.

It was a great time to be a Jays fan and since I don't think there's been as much fan interest in the Blue Jays since then as there is right now, it really is a great thing that we all get to look back and en this important time in Jays history!

Go Jays Go!

*** Updated

How could I ever forget the not so Triple Play?  Game three is on tonight and I just saw the should have been triple play that was botched by the 2nd base umpire!   I feel shame for not putting that in my original post of all memorable moments.

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