Sunday, 2 December 2012

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When I was a young kid, my Dad bought us season tickets to the North Bay Centennials.  They were the local OHL hockey team and  a pretty big deal to a 10 year old kid who did nothing but think of Hockey in the winter.  My Dad brought me every week, never once did he leave me at home to bring one of his buddies in my place.

It's great to think back to a time when the only thing that mattered in your life is if your team won or not.  I know at the time I took the whole experience for granted since it was something that we went to so regularly, but I can honestly say that it's something that I will always remember and I have my Dad to thank for that.

About 10 years ago when I was in College when word came out the the Centennials were moving to Saginaw.  This was a big deal in North Bay.  When your a small town and you have a Junior Hockey team taken away from you it really cuts deep.

In those 10 years I made me way to a few OHL games here, but it was never as fun as the games when I was 10 years old.  Probably because I wasn't was invested in the communities as I was when I was younger.

About a month ago, I was amazed that to hear the news that OHL hockey was coming back to North Bay!  One of the failing Southern Ontario OHL teams were tired of not getting anyone out to the games & they were going to move the OHL back to North Bay if the City could sell 2500 season tickets in 4 weeks.  It took less than a week! I now just have to find a way to get my Dad back to North Bay so I can take him and my son to a game!

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