Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Buffalo Bisons The AAA Minor League Club for the Jays

How great is it that the Jays have finally moved they're AAA Farm team out of Las Vegas and to the majestic city of Buffalo? I can only imagine how excited the Jays were when they finally got the word that they were able to be done with the constant back and forth flights between Vegas and Toronto.  Just think how excited Mike McCoy must be! The poor guy must have really racked up the air miles over the last few years with all those red eye flights back and forth from the big smoke.

Now not only is it easier for for the Jays to move players back and forth from AAA, but it's a great opportunity for the hardcore Jays fans to really get to know there teams system. I've already planned out a trip to Buffalo to check out some games, and i'm pretty sure i'm not alone. 

Before twitter became such a part of our everyday life there was no way that the average fan to know all that much about the farm systems of there respective teams.  We now have a greater opportunity than ever to learn about what is coming in the system and this move to a city that is so close to home gives us a chance to take then hour and a half drive to see the future Jays first hand. 

Coupled with a great little park in Buffalo and an exciting Farm system, i'm sure you'll see a bunch more Jays fans making the trip to Buffalo to see some great baseball. 

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