Monday, 17 December 2012

RA Dickey - The Newest Toronto Blue Jay

How about this....Only 3 weeks writing here and this is my 3rd RA Dickey post, and it probably won't be the last.

Now I've said on a few different occasions when we first heard of the rumors that because we did hear of it, it was not going to happen!  We'll i'm happy to say I was completely wrong!  RA Dickey is now a Toronto Blue Jay and a part of arguably the best starting rotation in the Majors.

Yes it's true the Blue Jays paid quite the hefty price for RA and his merry band of catchers, but to be honest this move was more about winning now than a team looking to be consistent for a long time.  The core of Jays talent  (Bautista, Encarnacion, Morrow & Romero) are all in the prime of they're career (and controlled for 3 -4 years) and Alex Anthopolous's master plan had finally started to make sense to the many Jays fans!

You see most of you may know, but AA when he took over he spent the first few years taking advantage of the CBA and stocked pilled draft picks like they were going out of style.  Over the course of the 3 year's that AA has been in charge of the team the Jays have made 21 picks picks in the 1st 100 selections over the course of those drafts. I even remember AA trading for Migel Olivo just so he could have him decline arbitration so he could pick up the pick in the draft.  Brilliant..... Well all that was leading up to now....Alex has finally decided that now we cash in on all the prospects that he was collecting and use them to build a contender around the core that he already has!

Would I have liked to have D'arnaud & Syndergaard on our team in 3 years?  F ya I would, but would I trade them for a proven Major Leaguer who just came off a CY Young especially since they just made one of the biggest trades in franchise history and it would only put them that much closer to a world series title!

These trades were three years in the making.  Can I say AA expected his team to look like this personnel wise when he took the GM job?  No, but I do think this was what his plan was to do with the picks and since the Rays, Yanks and BoSox look like they are going to have a down year, it was the right time to strike!

The time is now!  GO JAYS GO! FU John Ferrell

Looking forward to a new chapter with the Jays.

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