Friday, 21 December 2012

Bonifacio VS Izturis - The Battle for 2nd

So for some reason Alex Anthopolous is trying to pretend that there is a battle for 2nd base within the Blue Jays between Maicer Izturis and Emilio Bonifacio.

Here is how I see it.  Emilio Bonifacio has the job at 2nd base and Izturis will be the utility guy coming off the bench.  AA said a number of times after the Marlins trade that one of the guys they really wanted to get in the trade was Bonafacio due to his ability to play multiple positions, his speed and the his bag.  It's also rumored that the Braves have been asking the Jays to trade Bonifacio, only to hear that he is not available. Why would a bench player not be available?  The reason is because he's your second baseman.

So why won't AA come out and say it?  I believe it's out of respect for Izturis.  AA went balls to the wall in the off-season and wasn't about to wait around for other teams to set the price on talent, so he saw a potential good deal in Izturis and signed him quick with the notion that he'd be playing 2nd. We'll little did AA know he would have the chance to pick up Bonifacio later on and now is simply trying to keep everyone happy and say there is a position up for grabs when he would really rather have Bonifacio at 2nd.

I don't think you can have a guy like Bonifacio on the bench if your the Jays.  The guy is sick....Last year he stole 30 bags in only 60 games!  That's crazy and he's even started to hit for some decent average.

One last thing on why I think he'll be playing 2nd come April!  Don't count out the chemistry that he has with Reyes!  With both guys coming to a new field it may help having a guy on the other side of the bag that you are familiar with.

Good talk! Go Jays Go!

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