Saturday, 1 December 2012

Carlos Delgado for Level of Excellence

I'm sure i'm not alone when I think the nexy Jay that needs to be honoued in the Jays "Level of Excellence", but for real the guy was a complete stud for the Jays.  How can we ignore the guy who leads the "all time" team stats in HR's, BB, RBI and is 2nd or 3rd in countless others.

I'm old enough to remember the hype that surrounded Delgado when he came up to the Majors. Things were different then, we didnt have the luxury of knowing any of the Jays prospects like we do not thanks to the Interwebs. Which actually makes it pretty impressive that we heard about him as much as we did. He came to us
as a catcher but quickly moved to 1st base, and the 1st memory I had of him was him blasting one of his 1st HR's off the 5th level facing of Skydome.

Sure there are tons of great Blue Jays past that should  be up on the "Level of Excellence" (Tom Henke, Dwayne Ward, and Mosbey to name a few), but Delgao truely deserves to be the next name to grace the Level of Excellence.

Update:  Well it looks like my post did not go unnoticed!  Carlos Delgado will be honored at a ceremony on July 21st, 2013 where his name will be added to the "Level of Excellence"

Full details can be found here.....

Congrats Carlos!

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