Tuesday, 3 June 2014

5 Toronto Blue Jays thoughts for June 3rd

Big win tonight for the boys in Big D!  5 thoughts....here....we.....go....

1. Today is the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the then named Sky Dome the home of our beloved  Blue Jays.  As much as (myself included) Blue Jays fans rip up the Dome for it's lack of atmosphere and cavern like hollowness, it really isn't that bad.  Remember back in April when the Jays were playing in Minnesota and the Jays players looked like Ninja's cause it was so damn cold out?  Yeah we never had to worry about that.....and when it does get nice the lid is open and its a totally different atmosphere.  You never hear anyone complain about the park when the dome is open.  Sure there are things that need to change, but until they (if ever) decide to build something new I really don't think we fans have it that bad!

P.S. If you haven't seen this, you have to watch the opening gala for the Dome.  It's beyond words....

2. Not sure if anyone else listened to Pat Gillick on PTS this afternoon, but I just wanted to bring up one thing that made me laugh during the interview.  He was asked what he thinks the most memorable moment was ever at the Dome.......I mean really?  I'm pretty sure he was surprised by the question cause he stumbled a little and mentioned Robbie Alomar's home run in Oakland as another moment.

3.  Delbar looked pretty shaky tonight.  I really haven't been paying that close attention to his numbers so far this year and I was kinda confused when the boys on TV were going on and on about how off he's been lately, but after watching that 2/3 of an inning it was a little concerning.  His control looked really off and to that point he looked pretty luck to even get the two outs.   Hoping he's not hurt!

4. I've mentioned this before in a post, but I really miss having the Tigers in our division and our biggest rival.  Yeah I hate the Red Sox, Yankees and Rays, but it's nothing like the repulsion that I had for the Tigers back in the day.  6 or 7 games a year against a team that is no more than 4 hours away from your team is a horrible and MLB should be ashamed they don't play in the same division.

5. Hey what about Brandon Morrow?  Does he come back this year?  Will he be a guy who can come in if Hutchison has to be shut down on an innings restriction?  Does he end up in the bullpen?  Will he simply hurt himself  again and we never see him again? Is there any scenario that you see the Jays picking up his option for 2015?

Whatever happens happens, but I will guarantee that I will always remember Brandon Morrow as a Jay.  The day after my 1st Son was born and I sat my son in the Hospital waiting room watching Brandon Morrow dominate the Tampa Bay Rays only to have a no hitter escape him with 2 outs in the 9th inning.  Sure my kid will never know that it was the 1st game we watched together, but I will.

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