Friday, 13 June 2014

5 Thoughts on the Toronto Blue Jays for June 13th

1.  I really like the sense of urgency it looks like the Jays scouting department has had with locking up it's picks.  Sure Hoffman and Pentecost are will missing, but I really think the Jays will be able to get both of them.  If you want t quick list of who's been locked up check out the following link.

2. You know I thought I would be able to figure out and understand all the advanced stats out there, but  you know what I figured out?  I don't really care about them!  I'm pretty much at the point where if I come about someone who is nothing but all the advanced stats out there, I've already judged that person of being a jerk because he/she thinks they are smarter than me!

I get it.... The good old stats are just the tip of the ice berg and there are so much more out there....well that's fine, but the truth is, if you have someone who excels at the good old stat lines they're a good player, I don't need something to tell me how one guy is much better than an average replacement.....Yeah I also get that Wins for a pitcher aren't that important, but you show me a guy who wins 20 games in a season and I can tell you that he had a pretty great year!

3. Took my oldest kid to his 1st Game just the two of us and as stressful it is to bring a hyper active 3 year old to a Jays Game.....I had a great time and so did he! Couple tips for any other parents bringing a young kid to the game....bring snacks...Park a little farther away and walk to the stadium tiring them out will keep them in their seat.....If your going to buy a snack get Popcorn, lasts long and is one of the cheaper items there.

4. So the Jays lost again tonight to the Orioles!  Bats have gone cold and starting of each of the past 4 games by giving the other team 2 runs in each of the 1st innings is not good.  To say that it wasn't expected to happen would be ridiculous, but if the team starts to hit again and then end up .500 on the road trip we should be happy as a fan base!

5.  Sanchez got called up to Buffalo on Thursday and even Gibby said we may end up seeing him with the Jays this year.  I'm a little hesitant to think we would see much of him in anything more than a relief role, but the time if he gets up to the big club.  He's never really pitched than many innings in a year and I doubt they put him in a situation that would mean putting a number of extra innings on his young arm.

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