Saturday, 21 June 2014

5 thoughts on the Toronto Blue Jays for June 21st

Wasn't going to write anything tonight,  but after that win I need too.. 5 Thoughts on the Toronto Blue Jays!

1. Wow!  What a game....I think I was one of the fans who stuck it out through the whole game, and am I ever glad I did.  Down 8-0 and to win by 5 is pretty remarkable.  To be honest I can't say I always thought they were going to win.... Truth is I'm not sure I would have watched the whole game if there would have been anything else remotely watchable on, but there wasn't so i'm better than most?  Yeah that's it!  Kratz hit was obviously pretty big in the 9th, but Melky's follow up hit to put them up by 2 IMO was just as big.  If the Jays only get the one run the Reds have the heart of the order coming up, making that extra run that much more important.

2.  Hendriks got shelled and is on his way back to Buffalo in favor for Rob Rasmussen.  Ultimately with Hendriks only going 1 2/3 innings tonight it kinda killed the idea of the spot start to provide some rest!  With everyone except for Loup working tonight JA Happ is going to be expected to go deep on Saturday Afternoon in order to provide some rest to smaller than usual Bullpen!

3. Tonight was a great example of the effect of what a Manager can have on a game!  Gibby effectively used his bullpen, managed his bench ridiculously and really help put his team in a position to win!  I feel for Gibby, the Dude is probably one of the most underrated Managers in the league and all he gets is flack over any small error that some Fan would view as wrong.  The guy will forget more about baseball than I will probably ever know!

4.  Anyone else notice that Gregg Zaun isin't really using twitter as much as he did in past year?  He still kinda tweets, but not nearly to the interaction that he has been in the past.  Wonder if Rogers actually may have said something to him after the Arencibia issue?

5. I know it's not the cool thing among "educated" Jays fans to want Kawasaki on the Jays roster, but F that....I'm for him staying up with the Big Club. Nothing against Tolleson, but I really like Kawaski's approach at the plate and his average defense at both SS and 2nd base make him more valuable to me on the 25 man roster.   Hi talent is not quite what you would like it to be overall, but I love his commitment to the game and him being a good presence in the clubhouse is a definite benefit too.

Anyone think Kawa was saying below on the bench tonight?

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