Thursday, 19 June 2014

5 Toronto Blue Jays thoughts for June 19th


1. If you've traveled around to any number of Major League Ball Parks you've probably noticed that a number of them have player statues at them.  While the Toronto Blue Jays do have a statue of the Late Ted Rogers outside Rogers Centre, I was trying to think of if the Blue Jays were to put up a Player Statue who would it be or even if there's anyone who would be put in that kind of honor. Couldn't decide if there was anyone worthy, but if they ever decided to put one up I would think it would end up of being either one of these two poses

2. So it's been quite the interesting few days.....Delabar and Gose are sent to Buffalo, Looks like Cecil is going to the DL,  Lind and Lawrie are day to day and Colby & Sergio are back from DL Stints.  I hope Delabar is able to work on his mechanics in Buffalo, he's looked off all year and given that he has options you might as well have him fix is issues is a place where it doesn't hurt the big club.  I'm OK with Gose going to Buffalo except that the Jays have no real 4th Outfielder right now and I really hope he goes down with the mindset of working hard and putting his best effort forth.  I get the feeling that over the past two years since he originally got called up that when he's been sent down AAA its been beneath him and he doesn't see the need to give 100%.  I can`t believe they let Cecil pitch tonight if he was instead of a couple extra days rest and he`s maybe back next week he`s going to have to sit for at least 15 days.  Hopefully both Sergio and Colby can look like the players they were last year when they returned from their DL stints.

*** UPDATE! Well Look there!  Cecil goes down and Delbar is right back up.  I guess there's just no better option right now.  I am a little confused only because two days ago he was going down to clean some things up and now without throwing a pitch there we see him back.  Oh well!  I'll take solace in he looked better in Baltimore over the weekend!

3. So with the return of Colby Rasmus it`s safe to say that he`s going to strike out fairly often...That`s  just who he is, but the better question will be who will strike out more....Colby Ramsus or Juan Francisco? Now we have two LH power hitters who strike out more than me in High School!  You gotta think that both these see nothing but off speed stuff for almost their entire at bats.

4.  How do the Jays loose 15 straight games at Yankee Stadium?  I mean that's crazy!  Forgot the issues at Tropicana Field, walking into Yankee Stadium right now is like walking the green mile!  Here's hoping that Hutch can be the Yankee Killer!

5. Alex Anthopoulos held court recently and said that they were looking to upgrade at any position and there was some talk on the twitter box that they may look at Chase Headley as an option at 3rd.  Given that he's a FA at the end of the year I would still be all over that.  Yeah it would mean Lawrie at 2nd for the rest of the year, but given that Lawrie would be a + 2nd baseman on any team, putting Headley  in a hitters Friendly park sounds great to me and it may not cost you that much except for what i'm assuming would have to be at least 1st round talent +.

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