Thursday, 19 June 2014

5 Thoughts on the Toronto Blue Jays for June 20th

1.  I am ok for the hitting slump to be over now!  If someone could let the team know that i'm good with it being over and they can start hitting like it's May again it would be a big help!  Thank you.... Also Wierd how the Jays broadcasts have been keeping the camera away for Seitzer over the past few games....Not saying...just saying

2.  I was a pretty proud Dad today!  See even thought I do not agree with Pre-School graduations I had to go to my oldest kids graduation today and when they brought up my Kid they promptly said that one of their memories they had of him was the time he taught the entire class a Blue Jays Cheer song!  Gotta love his passion already!

3. Today reminds me why I hate watching Yankee games!  They are so god damn lonnnnnnggggggg! For real it's 10:45 and the 9th inning just started!  The Yankees and Red Sox do almost everything they can to draw out a game that is already too long to being with.  I would really like to see MLB institute a few rules with to help speed up the game.  Here are a few....New Stepping out between pitches, limit the number of times catchers can visit the mound, limiting the number of times Ichiro can tug at his sleeve in a game and how many time Ortiz re-adjusts his velcro.

4. Looking forward to the series in Cincy this weekend!  I love "The Great American Ballpark"!  It should be a fun series and hopefully playing in a small hitters friendly ball park is exactly what the struggling Jays bats need to help put them back win column.

5. So Cecil goes down on the DL after pitching with a wonky hammy yesterday and tomorrow RA Dickey is schdeuled to pitch with a similiar injury?.....ummmmm did we not learn anything from the Cecil thing?  What do I know i'm no DR.

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