Saturday, 5 January 2013

Toronto Blue Jays Tid Bits....

Here are a few random observations from the past few days regarding the Blue Jays!

- I love how the Jays are continuing to do their Annual Winter Tour across Canada. It's great to see that Roger's have identified that the team was more than just the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays are Canada's team and bringing them to the rest of Canada can only be a good thing for the people who own the National TV rights. 

- Along with the Winter Tour the Jays started a Coach's clinic in conjunction with Baseball Canada that went on over the course of this weekend. What a great idea to help grow and teach the game of Baseball in Canada! This reminds me alot of how Canada takes to teaching Hockey and Curling in other countries, bring in some experts to teach the teachers and send them away with the knowledge to teach the future. 

- Jose Bautista was in town for the Clinic and Winter Tour and to be honest it made me remember that he was hurt last year! With all the trades and signings from the past two months I totally forgot that he had season ending wrist surgery. To be honest the Jays are really going to need Jose to be back to top form if they want to contend this coming year. He is a large part of this team and if he can't produce it leaves a massive hole to be filled. 

- The Jays picked up Chad Beck back up off the Waiver wire form Pittsburgh on Friday. No more than a depth move. Wouldn't be surprised to have the Jays try and sneak him back through waivers so they can outright him to Buffalo as a depth move. I don't see him as a real piece of the Jays bullpen for next year. 

- Speaking of the Bullpen.....Darren Oliver, just retire already! I need the Jays to make a move for the Pen to help fill my Blue Jays Fix! I honestly see Loup and Cecil to be valuable LHP options coming out of the Pen. I think Cecil particularly can step up much like Marc Rzepczynski did when he was converted to a reliever. 

- I read on twitter that AA let it slip out at the Coach's Clinic that the budget was supposed to be around 105 Million, and he didn't expect it to get up to around 120 where it is right now. Nice to see Roger's opening the wallet more than expected!

- Well it's official Alan Ashby will be leaving the Radio booth to return home to the Huston Astros TV booth. Once again the Jays have lost another great voice to another opportunity. Nothing against Ashby for leaving at all, i'm just sad I won't have the pleasure of listening to his insights on Jays games (I'm still a little bit bitter that Shulman doesn't call Jays games anymore too). For the longest time I was hoping that Ashby was going to get the call to replace Buck as the play by play guy for the Jays, now i'm worried that they Jays are going to replace him with Mike Wilner! Wilner I can stand in his Jays talk persona,not sure I can anywhere else. Maybe they give Hayhurst a chance to be a color guy on the radio? Who knows.....

- I read an interesting article today about Adam Lind and David Cooper. I feel bad for David Cooper, here is a guy who was a 1st round pick and with the way the organization has had him blocked I don't think he'll ever get a fair chance to be the player he truly could be. Something tells me he would just kill on a NL Team

That's all for now! Go Jays Go!

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