Monday, 7 January 2013

Toronto Blue Jays Radio Opening

This past week we learned that Alan Ashby would be leaving the Blue Jays Radio booth for a job as the color commentator for the Huston Astros.   I'll miss Ashby as always really enjoyed his point of view on the game as well as his honesty when speaking of the team.

Well he's gone and now it's on to speculating who is going to replace him and my very pointed opinions on who that may be....

1.  Gregg Zaun - A former Jay that currently works for Rogers as an analyst.   Gregg has done a few games on the Radio to fill in at times, and did ok as he definitely offered some good insight into the game.  Personally I like Zaun where he currently sits with Rogers.  He is easy to handle in small doses and I think given too much time to talk his gimmick which I find enjoyable may wear thin.  He is a perfect as a Don Cherry type baseball persona who I only hear from once or twice a game.

Anyone else find it weird he is never asked about being names in the Mitchell report?

2.  Mike Wilner. Mike currently hosts the Jays talk on the Fan 590, Writes for Sportsnet and occasionally fills in on the radio (I'm sure he does more, I just can't remember it all).  I really enjoy Wilner.  I like what he does on the Jays talk and find his POV very spot on generally, however the brash way he handles callers at times is a little hard to deal with.  The times he's filled in on the radio it's been good, however I found him to sound a little too much like he was doing a Blue Jays update rather than announcing the game. 

3. Dirk Hayhurst - Dirk is a former Major Leaguer who played with the Blue Jays, but has more recently became famous from a few different Baseball Books he has written that detailed his rise to the Major Leagues.  Dirk has also filled in for a few games on the Radio and has Co-Hosted Baseball Central on the Fan and Sportsnet this past summer.  I like Dirk alot with his work with Rogers and think he would make a great part of the Radio Team.  He offers a former player perspective and also has a good handle on advanced baseball metrics which seems to be such a talking point these days. 

4. Jack Morris, - The Former Jay was rumored today by Bob Elliott to be interested in the Job.  Morris has worked for Twins radio previously, but to be honest I have never heard him on the radio or even heard if he was any good.  What I do like is that he's a former player who had an opinion and was known for his tenaciousness.  He may end up just being a good fit, and he's got a killer duster!

To be honest i'm not sure who is going to end up taking over and i'm sure there are more people who are legitimate chance at being the next color voice of Blue Jays radio but in my personal opinion I hope to see Dick Hayhurst get the chance. I think he brings a relate-able presence to the broadcast who the fans can listen to and still learn from.  

I'm sure we'll find out soon who the next person will be next to Jerry Howarth in the broadcast booth, but until then...Go Jays Go

***Looks like the Jays have reached out to Morris!  It will be interesting to see if he takes the job!

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