Friday, 18 January 2013

Jose Reyes - Welcome to Toronto!

Today Jose Reyes was introduced to the Toronto media in another opportunity for the Blue Jays to keep the off season love in going after a busy first half of the winter months.

What do we know about Jose Reyes?  We know he's a former NL Batting Champ. Has a .291 career batting average,  only stole less than 30 bases once, doesn't strike out a lot,  hits a lot of triples and a pretty good defender!  Yeah.....this could be really good!

The presser was short, not a whole lot of questions, but one thing was clear....Jose Reyes is going to be a fan favorite in Toronto.  He has an infectious persona that you can tell people will feed off of.  He seems like the type of person who can command a room with a smile and an infectious attitude.

I think the person who was happiest about this deal was Alex Anthopoulos.  He was down right giddy when he was talking about Reyes and how he was probably his favorite player in the MLB right now.

This presser actually reinforced Alex's methodology for the players that he wants on his team.  In the last two weeks we have been presented with two very large parts of the Blue Jays future in RA Dickey and Jose Reyes!  Alex has always said that the team spends a lot of time looking at players and ensuring they find guys who are the right fit and good people.  Well if what we've seen anything with these two players who are coming in to Toronto is AA is focused on finding quality people, with outstanding abilities to be a Toronto Blue Jay.

Welcome to Toronto Jose!  Go Jays Go!

*** As a part of this media day AA dropped a bomb that there was another block buster that almost went down.  Here is John Lott's article where AA talks to the other trade.  Who could have possibly made this type of trade with the Jays?  My thoughts after reading one other article on this subject is that it may have been Philly, who would have maybe given up one of their big 3 staff aces.


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