Thursday, 31 January 2013

The All-Time Blue Jays Infield

So earlier this week I discussed my all-time Blue Jays Outfield!  Today I'm going to go over the All-Time Blue Jays infield picked by me Guy Baseball!

Most of my picks are pretty much the ones you would expect, the stand out players at some of these positions were so head and shoulders above the rest it's hard to debate them. Anyways...Here we go.

1st Base - Carlos Delgado

Carlos was a phenom from the day he made his debut with the Blue Jays!  He was the 1st prospect I remember hearing about before he ever got to the Majors and did he ever deliver!  Little known fact about Carlos...he came up to the Jays as a Catcher....Things that may you go hmmmm

Carlos is the All-Time Jays Leader in Home Runs, RBI, Doubles, OPS, Slugging Percentage, Walks, Intentional Walks and at bats per Home run!  If you are going on stats alone you cannot argue that Carlos Delgado is deserving of being the 1st Baseman on the All-Time Blue Jays Team.

Love the Bat Flip on the 4th Homer!  Classic

Notable Mentions:  Fred McGriff, John Olerud

2nd Base - Roberto Alomar

Pretty sure I would be shot dead in the street if I didn't put Robbie in at 2nd Base on the All-Time List. In the Blue Jays history there has never been a single player who was as exciting as Roberto Alomar.  He could hit, run and was quite possibly the best defensive 2nd baseman to ever play the game.

In his 5 years as a Blue Jays he had a .307 Average, had an OBP of .382, had 206 stolen bases, Won 5 Gold Gloves,  5 All-Star Appearances, Won a Silver Slugger Award, and had a career fielding percentage of 9.84.

Simply put there was know-one better than Robbie.

Notable Mentions:  No one even comes close!

Short Stop - Tony Fernandez

I think everyone who ever watched the Blue Jays in the Mid Late 80's and even early 90's has a soft spot for Tony Fernandez.  He was smooth with the glove and really underrated with the bat. I was really happy when the Jays were able to bring him back to the Blue Jays so he could be a part of one of the World Series winning teams.  Little known fact about Tony...He was the last regular Short Stop to play Short in New York before Derek Jeter took over.

Tony much like Carlos still holds many Jays records...Games Played at 1450, Triples at 72, Singles at 1160$& Defensive assists at 3723. In his 12 year career with the Jays he had a .297 batting average, an OBP of .353,  a slugging % of .412 & a career fielding percentage of .980.

Notable Mentions: Alex Gonzalez

3rd Base - Kelly Gruber

3rd base for the Blue Jays hasn't really been the greatest position traditionally.  Gruber had flashes of brilliance  between 1988 & 1990, but other than those years he was fairly ordinary, but the Jays have not really had anyone else that would be considered a main stay star at 3rd base. 

Kelly Gruber played 10 years with the Jays and was a career .259 hitter, is the only Jay to ever hit for the cycle,  went to two all-star games, won a Gold Glove & Silver Slugger award and even finished as high as 4th one year in MVP voting.  

Notable Mentions: Troy Glaus & Scott Rolen (Both didn't spend enough time in Toronto)

Catcher - Ernie Whitt

In a position that sometimes get's over looked for it's importance to the Game Ernie Whitt was probably the best all around Catcher the Jays ever had.  He could provide some offence when needed, but all in all he is still probably the best all around defensive catcher Blue Jay organization has even seen.

Whitt spend 12 years with the Jays, hit .253 in his time with TO,  has 134 Home Runs, went to 1 All-Star game, has a .327 OBP while a Blue Jay,  threw out 33% of stealing attempts, and had a .990 fielding percentage. 

Notable Mentions:  Darren Fletcher, Pat Borders

Well there you have it my All-Time Blue Jays Infield!  Up next the All-Time starting rotation.

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