Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The All-Time Toronto Blue Jays Outfield!

So here's the question!  You have the opportunity to take any 3 outfielders to play for the Toronto Blue Jay organization and build the best Jays outfield of all time.  Who do you take? It seems like a pretty easy question, but as you look at it the options that you can select it actually proves to be quite difficult.

So let me explain to you who I would take.

Center Field - Devon White.

Devo played 5 Years in Toronto and in those 5 years he won 5 Gold Gloves, Averaged 25 stolen bases per year, hit .270 with an OBP of .326, scored pretty much 100 runs in each full season he played (he had 2 season in which he only played about 100 games),  and averaged just above 14 HR a season.

Devon White was a dynamic player who owned the outfield at the then Skydome for the 5 years he played in Toronto.  There were a couple good options for us here, but Devon White was probably the best all round option for the All Time Blue Jays center fielder.

Notable Options:  Lloyd Mosbey & Vernon Wells

Left Field - George Bell

My original plan for left field was Joe Carter and to be honest you can't go wrong with Carter. He was a proven bat who was as clutch as you could be in a game like baseball, but after much though and consideration I have changed my mind and gone with George Bell.

George Bell  played 9 seasons for the Blue Jays and was a career .286 hitter as a Jay,  had 740 RBI's,  Averaged a.469 slugging percentage, 256 Home Runs and is still the only Blue Jay to ever win the MVP award.  Bell was a player who was all about winning and provided an intimidating presence that
striked fear in opposing starting rotations.  Still think it's crazy that the Jays picked him up in the Rule 5 draft. Stupid Phillies!

Notable Options:  Joe Carter

Right Fielder - Jose Bautista

This of the three positions was probably the hardest to choose, but in the end I went with current Blue Jay Jose Bautista!

In the relative short time Jose Bautista has been with the Jays he's totally re-invented himself into one of the all time faces of the franchise.  The 2010 season was the ultimate coming out party for him.  Going for a platoon player who was great defensively to one of the most feared power hitters in the Game.

In the three seasons since 2010 no one in the MLB has hit as many Home Runs as Jose,  he's shown an increased patience at the plate (349 Walks),  become a better hitter (.262 average, .386 OBP, .939 OPS), he's won 2 Hank Aaron Awards, attended 3 All Star Games (Also garnered the most All Star Votes all time in 2011), won 2 Silver Slugger Awards all the while being one of the best defensive players at his position.   The guy is the unquestionable leader of the New Toronto Blue Jays and is a damn good ball player

Notable Options: Shaun Green, Jesse Barfield & Alex Rios

So my outfield would be, George Bell, Devon White and Jose Bautista!  Pretty damn good if you ask me!

Up Next!  The All Time Infield!

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