Monday, 26 May 2014

5 thoughts on the Toronto Blue Jays - May 26th

Here is hoping that we have another great week in Jays Nationa!  5 we go

1.  Not really Jays related, but I guess you could play 6 degrees of Blue Jays Baseball and make it somewhat jays related, but anyways.....The mess that went on Sunday in Tampa with the Red Sox getting mad at Yunel Escobar for stealing 3rd with a 5 run lead is rigoddamndiculous!  This just screams of a forced rallying point! Give me a break...

2. I'm a little worried that the lack of service time with Drew Hutchison may start to creep it's way into his starts.  Guy needs to have a sit down with Buehrle.

3. In the long run these series against AL East teams are going to be the line in the sand for the Jays this year.  If they end up with record over .500 against the teams in the the AL East I really like their chances at making a long run into September.

4. Is there a magic # that the Jays could take on salary wise if they get deeper into contention?  All year we've heard that they are tapped out budget wise, but does that change if the team is in contention and fans start coming back to the ball park?   Who's out there that the Jays may target that could possible cost them less prospect wise than a player who may have more control.

5.  I'm still torn these days to really know one way or the other if Kevin Seitzer hitting tutelage is having an effect or not.  On one hand the Jays are hitting Homers like it's going out of style still, then on the other hand you see Lawrie starting to hit the ball to all fields, Joey bats and Edwin both willing to sneak shots against the shift, and a guy like Gose is actually having great at  bats.   I'd be interested to see what the players are saying about having Seitzer on staff.

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