Saturday, 24 May 2014

5 Random Blue Jays thoughts for May 23rd, 2014

Here are 5 Random thought son the Jays for May 23rd 2014....

1.  It may be pretty early within a career that doesn't have any playoff success or even any divisional success, but to me Casey Janssen is becoming one of the best closers in Jays history.  Guy just gets it done.  Admittedly he's got a long way to go to get to the likes of Henke and Ward, but if you look at the others behind those two, Janssen is making a name for himself.

2.  I think Jays fans are finally starting to see what the value of a Manager truly is.  I will preface this by saying I am a fan of John Gibbons and have never been a part of the #firegibbons movement, but finally I think average fans are starting to see how managing a bullpen and constructing line-ups to face different pitchers is of benefit.

3.  I don't think we should have been all that surprised that Liam Hendriks was the choice to come up and pitch tonight's game again'st the A's.  Dude was 5-0 with an ERA of 1.49 and had only walked 3 guys in Buffalo and when AA was down in  Buffalo to see him last week he killed it.  Writing seemed to be on the wall for me anyways

4. Posed the question on twitter today if you would Trade Sanchez & Stroman for Samardzija and everyone pretty much said no.  no they wouldn't.  Not sure I would either, but I got to think if this Jays streak keeps moving forward without a real deadly lapse they have to look at options to upgrade the current pitching staff which would ultimately mean they have to trade Young kids if they wanted to even get anything is substance back. Don't they?

5.  Can all those people who think Colby Rasmus net make a great trade chip to help upgrade the rotation please stop!  The only way Rasmus gets traded is if the Jays are out of it by the trade deadline and they are trading him to a contender, or maybe if he is a part of a three team trade, otherwise I see the Jays offering Colby a 1 year 14M contract, he walks and Jays get a 1st rounder for him.

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