Saturday, 23 March 2013

Toronto Blue Jays VS Detroit Tigers - A Rivalry Renewed,

I think one of the biggest tragedies in the MLB today is that the Toronto Blue Jays and the Detroit Tigers are not in the same division!

Back in the day I fondly remember the rivalry that existed between the Jays and the Tigers from the 80's & somewhat 90's, but that all changed when the got rid of the two divisions and moved the Jays to a division with the Yankee's, Red Sox, Orioles and Rays.

Now sure over time there have been rivalries develop with the teams in their division, but there's nothing quite like the one that we had (& could be having) with the Tigers.  Sure it helped that the Jays were slugging it out with the Tigers year of year, and there were a bunch of Tiger fans in Canada due to the proximity of Detroit to the Canadian border,  but that is where rivalries are built and grown.  With the Jays moving divisions and only playing the Tigers around 6 - 9 times a year, the rivalry that was built slowly faded away.  Kids who go to the Ball park in Toronto or Detroit now have no idea that these two teams were at one time bitter rivals. Guys don't jump in a car and make the 400km drive to Detroit just to boo the tigers anymore. The Tigers are just another team now to Jays fans.

I know it may sound like i'm a terrible person, but I want to have a team to hate!  I have it in Hockey...i'm a long time Pens fan and can tell you that If someone tells me there a Flyers fan, it's very difficult for me not to hold that against them.   As for the Jays, it would be easy as a fan to have it out for the Red Sox and Yankee's, but they have there own thing going on (You know how to piss off a Yankee/Red Sox Fan?  Tell them there's no difference between a Red Sox or a Yankee Fan....They hate that),  the Rays are just too far away and the O's are the O's.  I want to get back to having a team close that no matter what/who they bring to the line-up i'm going to say he sucks! I still to this day have a very strong dislike for the entire 1987 Detroit Tigers.

There's obviously a lot of hype for the Blue Jays this year in Canada, and i'm sure its much the same in Detroit for the Tigers.  I tell you this though.....I'm jacked for just the thought of the Jays and Tigers meeting up in the post season in 2013.  I really think if something like this happens it could ignite the hatred/passion that existed between these two great organizations....and that is only good to baseball in Toronto.

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