Monday, 18 March 2013

Emilio Bonifacio - Another reason to believe he'll be playing 2nd for the Blue Jays on April 2nd!

Anyone who's read a few of my posts may be aware that I firmly believe that Emilio Bonifacio is going to be the 2nd baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2013 season.  

I've said it before and i'll say it again.....I'm sure Alex A did promise the 2nd baseman job to Macier Iztruis when he singed him, but that was before he ever thought he could get his hands on a player  Bonifacio.  Bonifacio is a AA type player...blah blah blah, Izturis works well as a Super Sub wadda wadda wadda...I've been there said that......In fact, here is my post that I dedicated totally to the battle for 2nd.

What made me think of this again (besides the numerous articles written recently about the same topic) were the new run of Toronto Blue Jays commercials that just came out.  Now I don't know everything about Marketing....but if you have a guy that is more than likely going to spend most of the time out all over the place, then I doubt you put him in your commercials! (Just as an FYI, Macier or any other rumored bench player is not in the commercials at all..... so far)

So couple this with the host of other reasons why I think he'll be a the 2 bag on April 2nd, i'm fairly confident Bonifacio is our Blue Jays 2nd Baseman in 2013. 

Go Jays Go!

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