Saturday, 16 March 2013

How long before Jose Bautista is the Blue Jays DH or 1B?

I haven't spent a whole lot of time thinking about this topic, but every now and then I wonder if Jose Bautista would end up being the Jays 1st baseman or DH in the near future.

I realize that he has a ridiculous arm and you can't really replace what he can do as an overall RF, but hear me out here.  I think ultimately one of the most important factors for the Jays this year is going to be how Adam Lind produces.  If Adam comes out and hits .280  and is a force in the 5th spot in the order, then this isn't even a topic of conversation for at least a couple years when Bautista's fielding skills start to decline, but if Adam Lind struggles then I think I can make a case for Bautista making a move to the DH or 1st base role.  (I'm leaning more towards 1st base myself)

If the Jays have to do something with Adam Lind's position , moving Jose Bautista to 1b/DH will allow the Jays to bring in someone who can definitely fill the offensive needs that a position like this desperately needs, in fact if Bautista were to move to play 1st we could easily say that we have one of the best defensive & offensive 1st basemen in all of baseball.  Sure there may be some time to get used to the position, but I think we all know that he could figure it out pretty quickly.  

So what happens to RF then? Well if Adam Lind is gone we would need another LH bat in the line-up to help bring some balance to it.  We would need someone who is great defensively and has a great arm to boot, and we would also need someone who could be a game changer much like Jose is.  We'll if those are the elements we need, then a guy like Anothony Gose may work out pretty good for us.  Sure he's low on experience and will never come close to Jose's power, but Gose has the tools that can make him a player that can take over a game in a number of different ways.  He's been impressive in the spring of 2013 so far, but I think the one thing that's impressed me the most  is how you can see the desire that he has to be great. He hasn't been shy to say that he's embarrassed that he's going to have to go to AAA and that to me is a great thing.  He wants to be in the Majors and he's going to do whatever he needs to get back and stay there. I think it's just a matter of time we see him as an everyday player, we just need to find some room for him.  (Could you imagine a line-up with Gose, Reyes, Bonifacio, Lawrie and on certain days Davis in it?  Just crazy how fast that team would be)

So do I think Jose wants to play 1st of DH?  No not at all.  I think he knows where he is the most effective and how he can help the team the most, but if things don't fall into place, it may end up being the best case scenario for everyone if he makes the move.   The good thing is, I really think that if Jose things a move like this will help the team then he would be willing to do it. 

Go Jays Go!

*Just realized I pretty much just bagged on Lind even thought he's been killing it so far this spring!  Sorry Lindy!

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