Saturday, 28 March 2015

5 Thoughts on the Toronto Blue Jays - Spring Training

5 Thoughts!!!!  Here they are!

1.  If the Blue Jays don't make the playoffs and Alex Anthopoulos gets fired, how long is it before we all realize that it was a bad move? 

If you think of where the Blue Jays organization is right now compared to where it was when J.P. Ricciardi was fired it's pretty easy to see what kind of job AA has done at not only turning it around, but also turning the organization back into a club that is known for drafting and developing young talent.  

I would just hate to see a re-start with a new administration and almost put the forward progress on pause while a new team tries to determine what it means to be a Blue Jay.......again.  

2.  In the past couple days at Spring Training we've seen Ryan Goins playing some 3rd base, and outfield in addition to SS and 2nd.  Word is that they are trying to make him into a Ben Zobrist type play.  This is a great idea except what makes Ben Zobrist really great is that he can play all those positions and ALSO HIT!

3. Shi Davidi had a great article tonight that covered the Jays new philosophy on how they are going to handle their young pitchers going forward.  I won't confuse you by me trying to summarize it, especially since you can just read it by clicking the link below. 

It's an interesting way to go about things especially when we leave in an age when people are just waiting for reasons to jump all over decisions and point out why they are wrong and how they would have handled it differently.  

4. Who do you think makes it back to the Major Leagues 1st....  Ricky Romero or Johan Santana?  I go with neither!  Actually if either of them make it to the Majors this year then the Jays are pretty much FUK'd! Actually forget I even asked that.....The thought of it actually makes me depressed. 

5. So my over under on when Miguel Castro becomes the Blue Jays closer is May 1st.  Cecil will have a short leash at the start of the year and the guy's arsenal is prototypical closer.  After Cecil he's really is the next guy that would make sense to close. 


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