Monday, 2 March 2015

5 Thoughts on the Toronto Blue Jays - Spring Training Edition

Well it's been about 2 and a half months since I posted anything, but what better time than the day before Spring Training games are about to start.

Lots of stuff has happened since I last found time to write, but more than anything I think most Jays fans were itching to grab onto any minuscule Blue Jays news with the flurry that we were treated to at the start of the year! To summarize in a nut shell what's happened since my last post.  Jays wanted to hire a new President, but didn't.  Know one could figure out what the Jays payroll for 2015 would actually be. Jays did nothing to improve the Bullpen and 2nd base and there was a bit of talk about Clubhouse Chemistry.

So....Anyway spring training games start tomorrow so here are 5 quick thoughts....

1.  Jays signed Dayan Viciedo over the weekend, giving them another guy who may or may not be able to contribute to the Big League team.  Not sure if this pick up would have happened without Michael Saunders getting hurt, but regardless the Jays now have another guy to fill their already crowded bench.  Something is telling me more and more that a deal like this regardless of the "Were going to take the best team north" talk means that Pillar is going to be starting his year in Buffalo. Options left = bad news for Kevin

2.  Jays also signed 2 time Cy Young award winner Johan Santana this past week and there's another SP in the mix for the 5th starter in the Jays rotation.  Good on the Jays for trying to help bolster their Starting rotation, but couple this with the Viciedo signing do they really think the money being paid to these two is better spent in these two places rather than in their bullpen?  I get it...The Bullpen is a real enigma from year to year, but it would be nice to have a few less questions in the bullpen then where we are standing right now.

3. I really really really really really hope that Martin can catch the Knuckle Ball.  The thought of having 3 catchers on the roster on April 6th is just not sitting well with me. I can't see how the Jays are going to keep a decent bench together by having such little versatility. 

4. If Michael Saunders is able to keep himself healthy this year (Yeah I know he already isn't) his attitude and the way he's approaching being a member of the Blue Jays is going to make him a fan favorite in Toronto really quickly.  Brett Lawrie had the opportunity to be something special for the Jays, but something about his persona made it awkward for fans to really connect with him.  Saunders on the other hand has a likability  that if he's able to succeed professionally I think fans will really take to him.

5.  Good on Sportsnet for finding a way to make all of the Jays spring training games available in one way or another for all us Jays Fans!   PVR is already set for Tuesday's opener.  Can't wait!  It's been too long....

Alright....Good Talk.

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