Wednesday, 19 November 2014

5 Thoughts on the Blue Jays Offseason - Day After the Russell Martin Signing - Let Down Edition

Yeah, I'm not try to say I've got anything as interesting to say about the Blue Jays after the Russell Martin Signing yesterday, but I still got thoughts!

1.  Blue Jays signed Brock Jacoby as their hitting Coach! Brock was with Cincinnati for a whole bunch of year and comes with the same philosophy that all new age hitting coach's seem to have....  "Try to go up the middle, take what they give you and change your approach at 2 strikes".  Just hoping this guy sticks around for a while for consistency sake.  I'm still not convinced that it wouldn't be more important to have your best hitting coaches at the lower levels of your minor league systems! Seems to make sense...teach them young to have a have good tendencies and approaches....No....Whatever.

2. Saw somewhere that the Jays were looking ad Emilio Bonifacio.  Interesting I guess.  Weird that the Jays would want to bring in a guy who they basically gave away for nothing only a few years ago. I don't blame Emilio for being as bad defensively as he was when he was with the Jays, I blame the Jays.   How they don't have a better way to have new players become accustom to playing artificial turf is beyond me.   Spend time in TO working on fielding, have turf somewhere at your spring training facility, something!

3.  Would I like to see the Jays have Andrew Miller in their Bullpen in 2015?  Yes.  Would I give him 4 years at 8mil a year?  No....No No No.... I'm not going to pretend that I know how to put a Major League bullpen together, but I will pretend that I know that Bullpen Dominance is something that comes and goes year to year.  Look at the Jays Pen in 2013 vs 2014.  Not that different, but very different results.  I would rather see the Jays go with the some Younger guys in the system or maybe a few guys from the NL to build their pen with. Lack of knowledge of failed starters seem to be a measure of success for Bullpens.

4.  Saw the tweet in the link below from Peter Gammons that is a quote from AA about the Martin Signings. Seems very odd for an AA comment.  I'm surprised that it's so open about the plan for the rest of the off-season. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN ALEX!

5. For the longest time I was not a Bob McCowan fan, but over time that's changed! PTS is the highlight of the Drive home.  One thing I've learned over time living in Toronto and listening to the Fan is that Bob is very well connected within the Blue Jays organization.  He doesn't go out on the limb and mention stuff very often unless he's pretty sure of himself!  That being said his tweet last night saying that Jays budget would not be the issue in signing John Lester is very interesting.  Does it mean that the Jays will sign Lester probably not, but it does say to me anyway that the Jays are for real this off-season!

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