Monday, 10 November 2014

5 Thoughts on the Blue Jays Off-season

I have been over neglectful of this page over the past few months, but please don't misinterpret the neglect as a lack of passion for the Toronto Blue Jays!  To be honest I think I've found myself to have gone through a number of different of emotions with the Jays since July and  i'm as confused as hell on what the direction is for the team heading into this off-season!

Here are some thoughts on what i'm thinking about.....HA

1. Either Mark Buehrle or RA Dickey will be traded!  I've been saying this for the past few months and yes I do realize that most Toronto Baseball media has been saying this for a while now, but I assure you that I`ve been on this bandwagon for a while now.  Anyways I would trade Dickey of the two.  I think you would get more in return and I think having a Veteran pitcher like Buehrle that younger pitchers could relate to alot more than a trick pitcher is much more valuable to their development.

2. I hate that all I`ve been hearing that the Jays are meeting with most position player Free Agents already.  See I`ve gotten to the point where I have no expectation that the Jays are going ever sign any high profile Free Agents.  I am simply not going to get myself invested only to be let down again! FYI....I really want the Jays to sign Panda and Melky...Like really want them too.

3. I really want the Jays to find a way to get Pat Hentgen back as the Bullpen coach.  I realize that there are some health issues in his family that are more important than baseball, but I think he had alot to do with the amount of success that the Bullpen had in 2013.  Also I think the Jays are going to go more in house solutions for the Bullpen,  year to year things change so much in the bullpen and I don`t think you can put the $$ that the Jays have for FA into something so up in the air as a bullpen pitcher.

4. Is there anyway in hell that the Jays actually pay $ to Juan Francisco?  There is no way..Plain and Simple... Arbitration comes...he goes! AA did a decent job of adding some interesting pieces on the waiver wire that are upgrades over some of the schlock they had on the team this year.  It's going to be interesting to see what they do with Valencia..

5.  I'm not sure if i'm actually going to miss Adam Lind or not!  Guy was kinda boring, started to sound like a bit of a cry baby over the past few years and was turning into a band-aid!  I am however excited to see how the Jays are going to try to fill his spot on the roster.

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