Friday, 30 November 2012

Who's the 5th Starter?

So I think it's a pretty much a given that 4 of the 5 starters in the Jays rotation is locked in place, and one of the biggest questions going into spring training is going to be who is that 5th starter.Right now it's common thought that JA Happ is the front runner for that last spot, however the word on the interwebs is that the Jays are going to be looking to add another name into that mix for some additional depth.Whether they add that depth pitcher by Free Agency or Trade until that move is made it's going to be fun to talk about who else we could see as that 5th starter.Who could they target through Free Agency....  What about Carlos Villanueva?  I know he wants to start and the Jays situation is isin't ideal for that, but Happ is under contract for the year, so why not give that spot to Los Del V and send Happ to the Bullpen to be your longman?  Carlos will give you a great 5th option and if he got hurt we would have Happ to fall back on.  Happ is a Free Agent at the end of the year and could be gone anyways.Who could they target through Trade....What Alexi Ogondo from Texas?  The Jays may have some pieces (Oliver & Buck) that they could move to get a young guy who is effective as a SP or a Bullpen arm. There are probably a lot of smarter people than I who have better suggestions or reasons why both my suggestions wouldn't work, but hey whatever!

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