Saturday, 28 November 2015

5 Thoughts on the Toronto Blue Jays - Hey It's November and stuff has happened edition

Hey!  How's it going?  Good....So.....The Blue Jays have pretty much been the busiest team so far in Major League Baseball in terms of actually getting things done!  Nice to see that they are keeping with the philosophy of not letting other teams dictate their off-season path.

5 thoughts on things so far!

1.  The Blue Jays signed JA (Don't call me Jay) Happ to a 3 year 36M contract on Friday night!  Lots going on with this signing as it undoubtedly has a whole bunch of ramifications behind it.  Yes it is alot of Money for JA Happ, but all mediocre pitchers get more money than they actually are probably due. If you're really angry about it, your just mad that this means that the Jays are not going to resign David Price and that's ok, but the Blue Jays were never going to resign David Price get over it.

2.  The Blue Jays made a trade with the Oaklands where they sent Liam Hendriks to the A's for one time Blue Jays Jesse Chavez!  This is one of those trades that make you go hmmmmm, but the Blue Jays were in desperate need of some SP depth and this in one way give them an extra arm that has been able to throw innings with some kind of regularity over the past 2 years. That being said he was doing it in Oakland which isn't exactly the same as doing it in the AL East.  If the Jays are able to make another deal to add to their starting rotation and that moves Chavez to the Bullpen in a long relief role where he can be used as insurance for other SP during the year I think this deal ends up giving the Jays the depth that they will need to make it through the year!

3. On another note the Jays were quick to resign 2015 breakout star Marco Estrada to a 2 year 26M contract!   I don't think there's really any negative to this contract as it stands right now!  Dude got a nice raise and a bit of security and if he is even 75% of what he was last year the Blue Jays will end up with a nice deal in this one!  Yay team!

4.  With the way the team stands right now I wouldn't be surprised to see the Blue Jays turn their attention to cleaning up the Bullpen for 2016.  Right now we won't have Hendriks, Hawkins or Lowe back so that leaves some fairly big holes to fill and who knows they still may want to push one of either Sanchez or Osuna to the rotation.  The question on how to build the Bullpen in the offseason is always the tricky one!  I'm not a fan of throwing muliple years and big money to bullpen arms since they tend to flame out way too often, but If they Jays plan on going into a season where they'll be competitive they better make sure they get some lock down arms back there!  +1 for bringing back Mark Lowe!

5.  Rumblings are starting to come out that the Blue Jays are close to signing their new GM in the next week or so!  Very exciting times indeed.  I won't pretend to really know any of the front runners outside of Lacava, but the I will say that I hope either Lacava or Ross Atkins are the guys to get it.  I think Lacava more from a consistency stand point and he's proven to be competent so far in his handlings, but on the Mr. Atkins front, I want someone who is going to be comfortable in his new surroundings and the connection with Shapiro will definitely help there and I also like that he is routed in a player development!  Let's face it.  this GM role will be remarkably different than the GM role that AA had and I think if we can get a guy who is about scouting an development of players it's a good thing!

One last thing.....I get that people are a little angry with Rogers/Shapiro right now about the state of the SP rotation/budget going into 2016, but please remember that this is a direct result of "Going for it" in 2015.  The Jays had to tear down the Farm system in order to do that and regardless of how you want to think the Blue Jays are to be run, they still need to be a club that drafts and develops it's players and signing middle of the road starters for 2-3 years is a matter of giving the team time to build back up their farm system!

Peace Out!

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