Monday, 24 August 2015

5 thoughts on Blue Jays Baseball - Blue Jays Sweep the Angels Editin

Well since I now have full access to this site again I can try to keep up with stuff more often.

5 more thoughts after what some may call  the "Annihilation in Aneheim"

1.  So......The Blue Jays are good at hitting baseballs and also good at scoring runs!  DUH!! you say,  tell me something I don't know you say......... well my friend Mike looks like Troy Tulowitzki. Just saying

2.  The Angels fielders committed 6 errors over the course of the 3 games and looked like a bunch of guys that I play beer league softball with (myself included).  It was ugly.  Sure teams go through stretches where they end up on the wrong side of things, but they looked BAD all weekend.  Makes you really appreciate how good the Jays have been on defense in the 2nd half.

3. I know it looked bad in the 1st inning of Sunday's game when RA Dickey gave up 5 runs, but RA pulled it together and provided 6 solid innings.  RA deserves a bunch of credit for how he rolled out for the rest of the game.  So..Thumbs up RA.

4.  I haven't talked about Ben Revere much, but Dude turned it up this weekend.  Such a different contrast to the rest of the hitters on this team and that being said it's a welcome one.  He just makes the bottom of the order stressful for pitchers.  The last thing opposing pitchers want is to have a guy like him on base when the order turns over.

5. Welcome back Josh Thole!  Yeah he aint that good, but when you have Russell Martin needing some rest this line up today proved that we can get by with Thole behind the plate once every 5 days!

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