Tuesday, 29 October 2013

2014 Toronto Blue Jays - You got 20Mil Extra....What do you do?

Alright it's hypothetical question time....Let's say you at the Toronto Blue Jays GM and you just got out of your end f the season meeting with the suits at Rogers and they have given you the green light to spend another 20 Million over the 127 Million that they paid for Player salaries in 2013.

What do you do?  Where do you start?  How do you identify your most pressing needs?

Everything in my head tells me they already have their entire off-season laid out on paper dependent on how a number of different scenario's this off-season may play out. So roughly it looks like the Jays already have roughly 124M committed (That's with the Jays picking up options and a rough idea on where player arbitration could play out) to their payroll for 2014, which means in my make believe scenario the Jays would end up around 147 million for 2014.  Giving you 23 Million to spend.

I think the questions that are around at 2nd base and LF are able to work themselves out.  You still have viable options within your team to help fill these voids.  With a healthy infield of Encarnacion, Reyes and Lawrie you may be able to give a little away with your bat at 2nd base and allow for a defensive gem in Goins come in and shore up your infield.  In left field I see Cabrera back, with 8 Million still being owed I think the Jays are willing to see if removal of the tumor will allow him to return to the Cabrera of old.

That said I would be putting that extra $ into the starting pitching and the catching position.

My catcher wish is A.J Pierzynski.  I think you could probably get him for around 7.5M for a year or two.  Given that I think Thole is a guy who will play 2 or 3 days a week with A.J's, bringing him in would give us  a guy who can control a game still produce a little and maybe even be a good mentor for a guy like Jimenez in the future

The starting rotation is the other obvious area that needs to be re-tooled and from a FA list the one guy I think the Jays need would be Matt Garza.  His track record in the AL East and his power stuff make him a good fit for this Jays line-up.  We are probably looking at something around 5 years around 16 - 17 per year.

So there.... all my money is gone, but room for trading is open!  The depth that they team has developed in the bullpen + some of the young arms still in the minors if the Jays are looking to trade for a pitcher I think they would be able to do that.

What would you do in AA's shoes if you had the extra cash?

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