Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Greatest Blue Jays Home Run

I've made it a habit over the course of my first 50 or so posts to occasionally try and rank specific Blue Jays players and other events/moments, but I have yet to throw my two cents in on what I believe to be the greatest and most important Home Run in Blue Jays history!  

No question there have been a number of important home runs in Blue Jays history.  You can probably make a case for a number of really important ones that helped define the club's identity, but in all honesty there is only really one that matters. 

You could make a case for the most important to be Doug Ault's first ever Blue Jays Home Run, but I won't.  A great moment indeed, but not the greatest ever!

Could you give it to a personal accomplishment?  If that's the case you could give it to Jose Bautista for when the set the single season record for home runs in a season....

Or Carlos Delgado's 4th Home Run on a night when he became one of only 16 Major League hitters to ever hit 4 home runs in a game. (Sorry for the lack of video on this one, god damn copyrights)

These were all well and great, but unless it's breaking an all-time home run record, I don't think these two stand much a chance. 

What about Ed Sprague's home run in the 9th inning of game 2 of the 1992 World Series?  Without this home run the Jays would have went back home to Toronto down two games to none.  Could they have come back from 2-0?  I don't know I'm no fortune teller, but it's still not the most important.

For year's the Blue Jays had been knocking on the door of the World Series, but it kept on getting slammed shut by team after team....that was until Roberto Alomar took Dennis Eckersley deep in the 9th Inning of game four of the 92 ALCS.   Among many Blue Jays fans this home run is regarded at the one that changed the mindset of the Blue Jays.  We were no longer knocking on the door, we were kicking it open!

Still not the best however...

Let's be honest the question of "Greatest Blue Jays Home Run Ever" is actually really easy.  In the history of the MLB only twice has the World Series ever been closed out with a walk off home run, and on October 23rd, 1993 Joe Carter did just that. 

No matter what you want to say about about the situation that any of the aforementioned home runs were hit in, none of them were to win a World Series.  Any kid who ever day dreamed about playing baseball has put themselves in those shoes only hoping that they could produce a story like Joe Carter did on that day! 

Enjoy! You'll never see a bigger Jays home run in your life!


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