Wednesday, 3 December 2014

5 Thoughts on the Blue Jays! - Offseason Edition again! There`s going to be a few of these!

Winter meetings are a week away and it seems like every day we are getting news in some sort of fashion regarding the Blue Jays!  Hurrah for the offseason.

I'll say it again, but talking about Baseball is way more fun in the offseason.

5 thoughts on the Jays off-season.  Here we go.

1. The Blue Jays announced on Monday that they have reached a new TV agreement with TVA in Quebec. The deal gives TVA access to show Jays games in La Belle Province for 6 more years! This Russell Martin signing is looking better and better as she goes along for the Jays.  One thing I haven't been able to find however is what the Jays are getting financially for the rights.  Roger's grossly underpays for the Blue Jays rights nationally, but the reason for this I would assume if obvious.... however I'm left to wonder if this undervalue has an effect on what TVA would have to pay them?  That just sounds confusing.....

2. Canada's most beloved Red Bull chugging Oakland A's gave a media interview on Monday and it left me wondering why anyone in Brett Lawrie`s innner circle would let him give an interview!  Long story short.. on what all Jays fans will remember from the interview anyways....Brett said that he thinks the astro turf is what lead to his injuries and that he was happy to go to a team that was focused on winning.  I'll start with the turf comment...Yes the turf leads to injuries no doubt, but does he remember, Breaking his finger in Cincinnati, Hurting his Oblique at the WBC camp, Jumping into a concrete camera bay in NY and  sliding into a dirt covered 2nd base?  Yeah.....Probably not I guess.  Secondly He is right that the A's clearly have a tradition of winning!  What I don't get is what is the need to imply that the Jays don't want to win!  I mean he's got to know that a comment like that would get back to fans in Toronto wouldn't he? I mean it's just common sense right? Which if it is, then my thoery of Brett Lawrie not being the brightest player in the clubhouse would be true!

3.  Tuesday's non tender deadline has came and went and the Blue Jays have chose not to tender contracts to Justin Smoak, Andy Dirks and John Mayberry Jr.  As it stands right now the Jays only have 34 players assigned to it's 40 man roster.  This would tell me that the next part of the off-season will continue to be as exciting for Jays fans as 1st month has been.   They only have 3 outfielders on the 40 man.  That`s crazy.  I don`t know about you, but I sure as hope that they end up with a better outfield then Bautista, Pompey and Pillar.  

4. Looks like the Jays will have new Astro Turf in 2015.  Which is nice!  The more and more I read up on the Turf the Jays have in the Dome it makes me hate the Argo`s more.  long story short....not only does having the Argo`s in the dome stop the process of putting in real grass, but it also hampers the quality of astro turf they can put in.  They have to put in this garbage turf that has to be rolled up during football games and pretty much eventually turns the turf into a hard rubber, which leads to the injuries that we see. Not to mention the turf has substantial seems that can lead to poor hops all over the field.  Ok i`m done.  I`m just get angry talking about it.

5. I`m really starting to get tired of the constant back and forth in the Blue Jays Baseball media over if the Jays can or cannot sign Melky!  It seems like everyday i`m reading a new story that it trying to convince me  where Melky is going to end up!  I`m torn myself on the whole situation, but they need a LH bat and one that hits for contact.  Now there may be another guy out there who may fit better and who`s cheaper,  but for the sake or some consistency with a team that may not have a whole lot of it next year I would take the chances  going with Melky and giving him a little extra $$ plus maybe the extra year!

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